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Ballet & Jazz Dance Dictionary

A Compilation of General Terminology and Technique

“Dance should be approached just like any other field of study that requires you to take the time to study the written knowledge, remember it, and then apply it. I began teaching a group of youth beginner dancers for a dance ministry. I used the knowledge that I learned to help me train them in both the physical and written form of the techniques. It was important to me that as dancers, they not only knew how to execute the movement but also know the name of the movement. I found that in doing so they were more confident in their own movements which helped them learn choreography quicker and retain what they learned.”

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Ballet & Jazz Dance Dictionary, A Compilation of General Terminology and Technique

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Raising Children with Type One Diabetes from a Mother’s Perspective: Insight, Management Tips, and a Little Bit of Encouragement

"Hearing the doctor diagnose your child as a type one diabetic can be a devastating moment. Many things can go through the mind of any parent when faced with a life altering diagnosis. Yes, it is manageable, yes, your child can still be treated just like every other child their age, but; there is still that feeling of why our child? What could we have done differently? What didn't we do? Fortunately, there is nothing that you did or did not do as a parent to have caused your child to be one of many living with type one diabetes, and there is nothing you could have done differently."

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LYLT Expressions is a one-woman creative arts company started by Lorraine J. LYLT Expressions specializes in Illustrating LIFE through the ART of the written word, and the hand drawn and painted designs with a unique line of non-fiction and fiction books and works of art. LYLT Expressions has a broad target audience that includes the early childhood, youth, adolescent, and young adult age groups with a mission to promote ways to NJoyPeace, Love, and Nourishment for the Soul. LYLT Expressions strives to Uplift, Give Hope, and share the wisdom, inspiration, life lessons or motivation you need to fill that open space in your spirit with Peace.


L.Y.L.T. is derived from the literary word lilt and while it has many definitions LYLT Expressions focuses on the use of the word as a verb. As a verb lilt means to articulate in a very careful and rhythmic way (freedictionary.com, 2003-2017), all product produced are intended to do the same. “Love You Like That” was Lorraine's father’s favorite statement that was a term of endearment for him. He always spoke it with enthusiasm to his daughters and anyone else he loved. So, it was only fitting that it be used when expressing and promoting Love through the arts.

"Love You Like That"

Contact us at: letsconverse@lyltexpressions.com

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